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Predictable Results

Restoring comfort, function, health, and esthetics with longevity and stability is our mutual goal.

Restorative dentistry utilizes porcelain crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays, bonding and/or implants to restore form and function of the masticatory system, not just the teeth. It involves looking at the big picture and avoiding tunnel vision that focuses on individual teeth or small groups of teeth. The results of restorative dentistry can be very predictable and gratifying if certain fundamental principles are followed.

Restorative dentistry begins with a 10 Point Examination so that you and Dr. Tarantola understand the current status of your masticatory system, that is, the temporomandibular joints, muscles, teeth, the periodontal support of the teeth, your occlusion (how your teeth come together as you bite), and esthetics. We then reflect on what has been learned through the comprehensive evaluation, study it, and possibly consult with specialists to determine a cause-effect diagnosis.

If crowns, onlays, veneers or other more extensive dentistry is needed, a “diagnostic wax-up” (see our Blueprint For Success) is done on models of your mouth so that any anticipated changes in form and function can be previewed before actual treatment is started in your mouth. This “blueprint” of the end result allows us to discuss outcomes and prognosis. It also allows us to carefully develop an appropriate treatment plan and sequence.

One of the first steps is called “provisionalization.” We make the restorations out of an easily modifiable material, usually a type of plastic. This allows you and us to assess any and all changes to evaluate the effect of your provisional restorations on comfort, function, health and esthetics. The provisional can be modified until optimal results are achieved. Once all results have been verified with the provisionals, the process of changing to the finished restorations can begin. We work with a dental technician and communicates the desired outcome precisely so that our expectations are fulfilled.

The finished restoration is the culmination of all our previous efforts. Restoring optimal comfort, function, health and esthetics with stability and longevity is our goal.


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