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What Is "Holistic"?

  • The whole person is focused on. The first step is for Dr. Tarantola to sit face to face and discuss all items on your medical and dental history to better understand your current dental status and goals.

  • Dental and oral conditions can be understood only in relation to the whole body, that is lifestyle, current medications, diet etc., especially as it relates to the dental/oral condition

  • All new patients get a customized dental/oral status report. If treatment is needed, all options are discussed ahead of time and all procedures explained. Dr. Tarantola doesn’t want patients to proceed with treatment just because he said so but because the patient feels they are making informed choices that are in their best interest.

  • All dentistry is done in a clean, healthy, biologically friendly way. This minimizes impact to the system and allows the dentistry to be comfortable, healthy, good looking and durable.

  • The ultimate goal is to never need dentistry again by helping patients become self-reliant with their oral/dental health. Our remineralization protocol is designed to protect and nourish teeth internally and externally and to minimize bad teeth and gum bacteria. Our hygienist is as much about self-care coaching as cleaning teeth.

Specific procedures we incorporate to support this holistic, biologic approach:

  1. Dr. T sees only one patient at a time and all steps of the procedure are done by him and not staff members with enough time to give every detail the time and attention required.

  2. Silver/mercury is removed with our safe protocol. All restorative procedures are done with the teeth isolated from saliva and bacteria. This also protects the mouth from any debris resulting from dental procedures.

  3. All procedures are as conservative as possible. For example, when restoring teeth we preserve and protect as much healthy tooth as possible. This means avoiding crowns when possible and using direct bonded composites and porcelain onlays.

  4. Preserve and protect the vitality of the tooth pulp. This means taking steps to avoid root canals. Where cavities are deep, we reduce inflammation, disinfect and stimulate the reparative potential of the pulp using low level laser, argentyn23 and ozone.

  5. Teeth are extracted following a protocol to reduce the potential for cavitations, accelerate healing and maintain maximum bone volume.

  6. The implant system we use requires minimal additional bone grafting procedures, if needed at all, and is a screwless design of the abutment to the implant. There are no screws to break, come loose or harbor bacteria.

Natural products we use whenever possible:

  • Xylitol products (no fluoride) such as Spry rinse; kills the bacteria that cause cavities

  • MI Paste – Calcium and phosphate paste that strengthens enamel and roots

  • Herbal Dentist – Herbal drops with essential oils, calcium and phosphate

  • Risewell hydroxyapatite remineralizing toothpaste

  • Chlorella – Heavy metal detoxifier we use when we safely remove silver/mercury fillings

  • Quercetin with bromelain to manage post-surgery pain

  • Argentyn23 – homeopathic silver hydrosol that kills bacteria, reduces inflammation

  • Arnica Montana – natural, plant-based anti-inflammatory

  • Low Level Laser Therapy – used to naturally help a variety of painful, inflammatory conditions. Research has shown that LLLT helps stimulate cells that help teeth repair internally. When we restore teeth, we use LLLT before the restoration is placed to accelerate this reparative process.

  • Ozone disfection – used as a mouthrinse before procedures to reduce bacteria and to clean cavities, extraction sites and gum pockets


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