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Extraction Surgery Protocol

  • Gentle local anesthetic

  • Safely remove all silver/mercury, crowns etc first so as not to contaminate the surgical site

  • Non traumatic removal of the tooth for this to occur, the tooth often needs to be sectioned

  • Thorough cleansing of the socket

  • Removal of the ligament to help prevent altered healing/cavitations

  • Removal of sharp bone at edges

  • Disinfection of the socket with argentyn 23 and/or ozonated water

  • Application of low level laser to reduce inflammation and speed healing

  • Placement of bone preservation graft (calcium phosphate) to close socket, prevent infection, speed healing and prevent/minimize resorption of bone.

  • Placement of membrane to protect the surgical site and accelerates clot formation

  • Placement of resorbable sutures

  • In severe cases, you are supplied with SockIt gel, a natural oral hydrogel that aids healing

  • In most cases, we will make a temporary removable tooth that same day. This covers and protects the surgical site, maintains the position of the adjacent teeth and helps with chewing.


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