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7 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Dentist

1. What is the experience of the dentist and his background?

Dr. Tarantola has practiced over 33 years. He taught other practicing dentists for 12 years at the Pankey Institute. He has lectured around the world, has written articles in scientific journals and has written a textbook for dentists. A master can do it, teach it and write about it – Dr. T can do all three.

2. How accessible is the dentist to answer questions for new patients just inquiring about the office to make sure it is what they are looking for?

Dr. Tarantola loves to talk to new patients on the phone prior to coming in. In fact, he encourages it. He is happy to converse by email at any time. Plus, he offers a free no obligation “meet and greet”.

3. Does the doctor have time to answer all my questions?

You meet Dr. T first in a quiet consultation room. You get to know each other, you can express all your concerns and questions, and Dr T reviews everything on your paperwork. Before any treatment is done, Dr. T explains everything. His goal is to have you move forward with treatment only when you feel you are making a decision that you feel is in your best interest and never just because he said so.

4. I have always felt rushed in other offices. How does Dr. Tarantola work?

You will never see Dr. T “chair hopping”. You will have Dr. T’s undivided attention for every aspect of your care. Enough time is allowed to pay attention to every little detail required for dentistry to be successful. Dr. T’s wife Cheryl is his chair-side assistant. They work incredibly well as a team and patients always comment on how well they work together and how well taken care of it makes them feel.

5. When I have gone to other dentists, it seems like I always have something more to do and it often is more expensive than planned. How does Dr. T avoid this?

It is recommended that new patients start with a complete exam., digital x-rays, digital photos, and bite analysis. With this information, Dr. T does a detailed analysis after you leave. It is not fair to you or him to try to do this on the first visit (unless of course it is something urgent). It takes time to think and ponder. You will return with a detailed, understandable report of findings, treatment options and fees. There are never any surprises with this approach.

6. What steps do you follow to make sure dentistry is done is a clean, safe, healthy way?

We follow the guidelines for holistic, biologically compatible dentistry. A safe protocol is used for silver/mercury removal. A special mouthpiece keeps teeth free from saliva and bacteria as we work on them. We use ozone and low level laser to protect the pulp and avoid root canals... We use biologically friendly materials – no metal. We choose the most conservative approach – bonded composites and onlays rather than crowns whenever possible. We use homeopathic medicines whenever possible. We do not use fluoride. We use modern, shielded digital equipment for the safest x-rays. We never rush. Oral health and general health are intimately related. Infection and inflammation is not an isolated thing. Our goal is to eliminate infection and inflammation. Eliminating oral infection and inflammation has widespread health benefits.

7. Do you work with other qualified specialists?

Dr. T does most of his own surgery, implants and Invisalign orthodontics. Dr. T works with the best holistic, integrative medicine doctors when health issues may be related to dental issues. If dental specialists may be needed, like a pediatric dentist or oral surgeon, Dr. T works with the best. He communicates with them on your behalf and shares any diagnostic information needed to make the referral seamless. The practice goal is not only oral health but also overall health and well-being. The two go hand in hand.

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