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What We Do

  • We use biologically healthy materials and techniques

  • We follow the guidelines of

  • Laser used for enhanced dental treatments – both the Waterlase and Low Level Laser

  • Personalized attention

  • Comprehensive examination and diagnosis

  • Personalized coaching with our registered dental hygienists on effective self-care

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Cosmetic and implant dentistry – crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays

  • TMJ and bite management

  • Invisalign teeth straightening

  • Conservative restorations that preserve and protect your teeth

  • Through digital imaging, we are able to preview you new smile so you can get an idea of what you will look like before any dentistry is done.

Click "Services" in the menu bar to see our complete list.

Do you have serious dental problems and don’t know where to go? In addition to routine dental procedures, Dr. Tarantola has treated complex cases for 25 years, has taught dentists from around the world, has a textbook for dentists published in September 2010 and is the “dentist’s dentist”, having many dentists and their spouses as patients.

It has been said that a Master can “do it, teach it and write about it” – Dr. Tarantola does all three!

You can be sure you will get the esthetics, comfort and function you are hoping for at the office of Dr. Gregory Tarantola.


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