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The Ugly Truth About Dentistry

This patient went to an “expert” dentist in town – rated #1 on their website, video clips of TV interviews – has to be good...right? A crown was to be replaced because of a cavity underneath. The top left pic is the temporary. Immediately the tooth was uncomfortable. The patient suffered for 8 months and the dentist explained it on everything except bad dentistry. Said a root canal or extraction was needed. And this patient has a medical condition that would make either of those things risky. Dr. T then saw the patient. When the temporary was removed – top right pic – the problem could immediately be seen. The dentist left a gaping hole of a cavity, there was no way the temporary could properly seal the tooth, and the gum tissue grew into the cavity. No wonder she was in pain! The bottom pics are after Dr. T’s treatment. The cavities were completely removed and disinfected with ozone. The cavities were properly bonded and sealed and provisional restorations were made that properly fit and sealed the tooth. Look how much better the gums look. Needless to say, the tooth is now comfortable.

So how does a patient really know the difference? These kind of procedures require a lot of time and undivided attention to minute details on the part of the dentist. This patient said the dentist was rushed, running from chair to chair. How can a proper job be done with complicated procedures – or any dental procedure for that matter, even simple ones – if the dentist doesn’t devote the time? Or even has the skill?

Dr. T’s patients can be assured that he will give them his undivided attention and all the time needed to do the treatment properly...period.


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