The Dentist You Deserve

You deserve a Dentist who:

  • Prepares your personalized lifetime master plan for oral health

  • Gets to know you as a person and involves you in every step

  • Completes a "10 Point" exam including TMJs, jaw muscles and smile analysis

  • Includes the critical bite engineering analysis

  • Builds 3-D models studied on a jaw simulator along with X-rays and photographs as a baseline for future comparisons

  • Designs a personalized, exacting blueprint for the best esthetics and function after studying your results and making a diagnosis

  • Helps you understand treatment options and develops a step-by-step plan with you that fits your time, circumstances and temperament

  • Schedules time exclusively for you; no "chair-hopping!"

The result? Esthetic, healthy, comfortable and well-functioning dentistry that lasts!

Oral health and general health go hand in hand. Browse our site to learn more about our approach to dentistry and call (904) 671-6977 for an information packet and to make an appointment.

You deserve it!!

Gregory J. Tarantola DDS



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