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Meet Our New Dental Hygienist & Some Office Updates


A vitally important part of Tarantola Dentistry is a having Registered Dental Hygienist that believes and practices the holistic, health-oriented, person-centered philosophy of our practice. As you know, our practice is not about selling, and/or rushing patient appointments. It’s doing only what is appropriate for that individual.

Because of the world today, many hygienists have left the profession, put their careers on hold, or have pursued other professions/careers. The unemployment rate of dental hygienists is only .9%! Our hygienist Annette has decided to retire from our practice.

Finding a hygienist for our practice has not been easy.

We have searched far and wide and found a hygienist that fits perfectly with our practice. Laurie has 10+ years of experience and was with the same practice in New Jersey for 10 years before relocating to Florida. That in itself says a lot! Just as important she believes and lives the holistic philosophy. We look forward to you meeting her.

Onto another topic – even with inflation what it is and the cost of supplies and employee costs ever-increasing, we have decided not to raise our dental cleaning fees. They’ve been the same the last 2 years. However for these very reasons we have found it necessary to implement the following cancellation policy.

For no-shows or cancellations of less than 48 business hours -Monday thru Thursday-, a non-refundable $75 fee will be charged regardless of the reason which will need to be paid at the time of rescheduling future appointments. For example, an 11 AM Tuesday appointment would need to be canceled by 11 AM the Thursday before. Although not a major problem in our practice no-shows and last-minute cancellations are unfair not only to us but more importantly to the many other patients who want and need these types of appointments but have had to delay for the reasons stated.

Our office business hours are Monday – Thursday 9 AM to 4 PM.

We will contact you multiple times before your appointment by text, email, and telephone. You must reply to one of these contacts to confirm your appointment. It is as easy as clicking “confirmed” and “send”. Please be sure your phone number or email has not changed. If it has please contact the office with current information, as this is your responsibility.

Our voicemail is available for messages left after business hours, however, if a message is left after business hours canceling an appointment less than 48 hours, this will be subject to the cancellation fee.

Cheryl, Laurie, and I look forward to providing the best dental care and overall personalized service for you.


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