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Keeping the Tooth Pulp Healthy

The pulp is the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. It is living tissue and needs to be treated with respect to avoid root canals. The pulp vitality can be challenged by cavities, trauma and by how the tooth is restored. Crowns can be very aggressive treatment that can stress and sometimes damage the pulp. That is why we always restore the tooth with the most conservative restoration possible – a direct bonded composite restoration or an onlay.

When new restorations are needed, all old restoration is removed as well as the cavity. Only the cavity that is infected with bacteria is removed. A special dye indicates this. The remaining tooth structure is treated with ozone to kill any remaining bacteria, low level laser to decrease inflammation and stimulate reparative, and calcium phosphate to nourish the pulp. The tooth is then carefully and meticulously restored. All this is done with a special mouthpiece that isolates the tooth from saliva and bacteria. The tooth is kept as clean as possible for the entire procedure. Paying meticulous attention to all the details assures results that are predictable and long-lasting.


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