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Esthetic Bonding

There are many options available today to improve the appearance and attractiveness of the smile. One option is direct composite bonding. With this option, one of the newer, highly esthetic composite materials are bonded directly to the tooth enamel, sculpted, shaped, polished and refined for a beautiful look. It is done in one appointment and works well when the teeth need minor to moderate changes. If more involved changes are needed, a procedure such as crowns or veneers may be a better choice. Even though the composite materials of today are much more durable than those of the past, they are not as definitive as porcelain and can stain or dull over time. However, it is rather easily repaired and refreshed.

In the example above, only the two front teeth were bonded. They were short and worn and the enamel had a pitted surface. Esthetic reshaping was done on the other front teeth to create a more harmonious smile. After your 21 point exam, diagnosis and blueprint, Dr. Tarantola will discuss your options with you.


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