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Blueprint For Success

Proper planning and sequencing eliminates guesswork and disappointments.

One of the most important services we can provide for you is a thorough evaluation, complete diagnosis, and an individualized treatment plan appropriate for you, your current condition and your desires and expectations. This cannot be effectively done without what is called a diagnostic blueprint on models of your mouth. These models are placed on an instrument that replicates the way your jaw functions. Duplicate sets of these models are made and any corrections in form or function are made on these models of your mouth so you can preview the desired result in 3 dimensions before anything is done in your mouth.

In addition, computer imaging is done on photos of your smile to help you see the possibilities optimal dentistry offers. Then you and Dr. Tarantola can discuss both the blueprint and computer imaging to make sure all expectations are discussed.

Only then can we figure out what is best for you…porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, white fillings, whitening, implants. We have to “think it through” first.

This behind the scenes work for you is done by Dr. Tarantola. This eliminates guesswork but most importantly allows us to sequence treatment in a way that is workable for you. Some patients can proceed with all treatment immediately. Others prefer sequencing the treatment over a period of time, sometimes even years. These blueprints make this sequencing possible and most importantly, with no compromise of the end result.

Our goal is optimal comfort, function, health and esthetics of this masticatory system, that is your teeth, periodontal structures, temporomandibular joints, muscles of the jaws, and bite design. Our goal also includes maximal stability and longevity of this system. This goal is certainly much more achievable if a blueprint is developed along with a master plan to get us to that preferred outcome.

We are happy to be able to provide this invaluable service for you.


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