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Common Questions Most Patients Have:

Why is Dr. Tarantola qualified to be your dentist?

Whether you need routine care or have more complex needs, we are qualified. We provide cosmetic, implant, Invisalign, and mercury free dentistry with a holistic and biologically friendly approach.

  • 40+ years experience…

  • A worldwide speaker and teacher to dentists…

  • Author of many articles and a textbook for dentists…

  • Many dentists as patients…

  • A dental team that is like your family…

  • You will be well taken care of!!!

What is so different about your practice?

The biggest difference with our practice that you just don’t see in other practices is that we not only take care of your TEETH, we take care of YOU. When you walk in, you will feel a relaxed, calm environment that is unlike the ‘factory’ most other practices are. We take the time to listen, address your concerns and questions and explain fully to your satisfaction before we do anything. No high pressure “schedule it now” sales tactics. We simply want to help you make decisions that you feel are in your best interest. When we do the dentistry, you will have Dr. Tarantola’s undivided attention so every detail is tended to properly and completely. This results in beautiful, comfortable, long-lasting and problem-free results.

How do you safely remove my silver-mercury fillings?

Removing silver-mercury needs to be done in a safe way so as to not negatively impact your health. We follow the guidelines of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology…and then some. You will breathe 100% oxygen thru a nasal mask. Your eyes will be covered. Supplemental room exhaust is used. Two specialized suction devises are used (“clean-up” and “IsoDry”) to collect all debris. The silver/mercury is removed in chunks rather than just ground away. After removal, you will rinse with chlorella. Depending on one’s medical condition and immune system, we often work with several holistic physicians to customize an individualized plan. Just as important as removing the silver-mercury is properly restoring the tooth in a conservative way that reinforces the bad parts and preserves and protects the good parts.

I have some missing teeth and it is affecting my smile and my chewing. Are dental implants an option?

The decision to replace missing teeth is an important one that requires thought and planning on our part. Dental implants today are an excellent way to replace teeth. They are biocompatible (your bone actually fuses to the dental implant) and essentially become your new tooth roots upon which we can build your teeth. Every patient’s circumstance is different so a thorough examination and customized plan is designed to meet your expectations, giving you the smile and chewing you want and most importantly, giving you years of trouble free service.

How do I become a patient in your practice?

Simply Give us a call. Dr. Tarantola talks to all new patients personally on the phone prior to your visit to be sure your questions and concerns are addressed. If you have some immediate concern or problem or pain, we will see you promptly for that issue. Otherwise we start with a thorough examination and diagnosis. Previous x rays are always a help because it allows Dr Tarantola to make a comparison diagnosis and see any changes over time. Dentistry is the kind of thing that requires thought and contemplation to make the right diagnosis and therefore the right treatment. So after you leave, Dr. Tarantola studies all the information to be sure the right approach for you is designed. Then you will return for a consultation/conversation to discuss your options that address your expectations and needs. We keep the fee for this initial series very reasonable so everyone can benefit from our unique approach.

Do you take my insurance?

Every dentist must choose the way he or she decides to practice. We have made the choice to see one patient at a time, give them our undivided attention, and allow enough time to do the procedure right – the first time – so there are no return visits to deal with the problems of rushing a procedure in an attempt to see another patient. Doing dentistry in a safe, healthy, biocompatible way requires the use of specialized materials, techniques and procedures. Being an insurance network provider would not allow us to do that. Your insurance CAN be used here, we will submit the claim for you along with any necessary documentation and they will reimburse you. Recognize that all insurance companies have different reimbursement allowances based simply on what the employer negotiates with the insurance company. We have many patients who choose our practice despite what their insurance tries to tell them to do.

What are all the computer screens in the exam rooms for?

Not only does today's technology allow dentists and hygienists to work more effectively and efficiently—it also gives you, the patient, a front-row seat to every appointment. We have computers in all patient rooms, along with an extra monitor on the left side of each dental chair for patients to see. Having dental X-rays? They'll show up instantly on the monitors. Forgetting to floss? Your hygienist can use an intra-oral camera to show you the trouble spots. Gone are the days of handing patients a mirror and trying to show them what's going on with their teeth! Now, a quick glance at the monitor reveals it all.


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